Monday, September 25, 2000

Wowzers! My first post..... So, um, yeah. I'm Melanie. And my toe hurts.

Last night I saw The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It was pretty good. I'm so hungry right now. Somebody get me some food. Please? I'll be your best friend. Godd*mn it. I never get what I want.

You know, I've decided I'm not going to capitalize in any of these entries. f*ck capitalization. capital letters are the tool of the man. speaking of the man, he deleted my web site. Yes, he sure damn did. either that or it got deleted when my server upgraded their server..... or something.

i went to the mall saturday. everyone was depressed because of the neely/hunter (and let me just say right now that I did not have a crush on hunter in 7th grade! get that through your f*ckin' head, neely!)/brad thing... especially brad. helena was more mad than depressed, though. i really don't know whose side to take, since some people are kinda forcing me to. helena wants me to hate neely and feel sorry for brad, but hell, i barely know brad and i've been friends with neely since the 5th grade. i think this whole thing will blow over and they'll be friends again in a few months anyways. sh*t, it sounds like someone is outside. hold on...... nope. no one's there.

i cut my arm pretty deep last night. i couldn't go and get a bandage or first aid tape because my mom was asleep so i just wrapped it in toilet paper and scotch tape. pretty clever, eh?

i'm still hungry. alan alda is cute.

hmmmmm, everybody go to my web page. this is the new one that hasn't gotten deleted yet. the man still hasn't found it. just a lil' ole bitty pissant country place

i guess that's it. g'bye for now.